Consultations, Evaluations and Treatment Sessions

1 .Consultations

A 30 min consultation is the first step in the process of developing the therapeutic relationship. Each family comes to the clinic and meets that therapist and can see the clinic space. This is also the opportunity for families to ask questions and discuss the next steps with the therapist.

2. Evaluations

After the consultation, the family and therapist determine the best approach to evaluation. A comprehensive evaluation consists of a 2 hour session with the child and caregivers. During that time, the therapist will assess the child’s strengths and learn more about the child’s individual differences and where support is needed. The caregivers also participate in the evaluation and also engage in an interview/discussion with the therapist. A full report is completed with recommendations for therapy and referrals as needed. The therapist and caregivers review the report to ensure all questions are discussed.

3. Ongoing Treatment Sessions

Recommendations for treatment depend on the child and the support needed for them and their family. All treatment sessions are a minimum of one hour in duration. The therapist and caregivers will discuss the therapy schedule that will be best for the child and their family.