Dana is the most significant piece in our therapeutic puzzle! She’s not only an OT, she is a pediatric therapist and a parent educator. She has assisted our family in each of those areas successfully over the past two years. Dana reconnected me with my daughter when I felt I couldn’t understand or support her. When my daughter couldn’t express her needs and wants Dana gave her a voice. She continues to be the bridge that teaches me how to find my daughter when she seems lost in symptoms and behaviors. Through her guidance I have learned how to support my daughter, meet her needs and bond with her on a daily basis. She has assisted me with development of an IEP that truly represents my daughter’s strengths and challenges. Dana gave me the support to represent my daughter’s needs in several challenging IEP meetings, when I was speechless and full of emotion she spoke up and filled in the gaps left by my silence. I hold Dana Johnson in the highest regard and I’m forever grateful for all she has done for my family and I!

– Karamia Grant Lujan, LMHC, School Counselor

What I think about Miss Dana, ” I love her, she is nice and she tells me more about “Optism” (Autism) and how to love my sister when I don’t like ( Optism) Autism.”

– Genevieve (7 year old sister of a child with Autism)

Realizing and accepting that your child has special needs, identifying his challenges and finding the right support system of doctors, therapists, etc., is an arduous journey. Dana has been our son’s occupational therapist for nearly two years now…and considering that he’s almost three, that means she’s been part of our journey from the very beginning. And for that, we have been so blessed. We could go on and on about all of our son’s miraculous progress and Dana’s impact on him through the DIR/Floortime model but we’re sure she can get testimonials like that all the time. Instead, since we’ve had the honor of years to get to know her, we’d like to speak to her character. Dana is not only one of the best therapy professionals we have encountered but, more importantly, the most compassionate and generous of spirit we know. Despite having many children under her care, she always makes us feel like we are the only ones (as we’re sure she does with everyone else). Her approach to our family is professional but clearly comes from a place of love and sincerity. She offers her advice and support freely but never dictates; she takes our concerns seriously and responds with thoughtful suggestions, which consistently keeps us on the same page. No offense to our own families, but, considering our son’s challenges, there isn’t another person in the world that we trust more with him than Dana.

Dana S.