Navigating the social world can be a challenge for some children. From initiating a peer interaction to understanding non-verbal social cues, there are so many things that are involved when we interact socially. When a child is challenged by social relationships, self-esteem and confidence can be affected.

We provide support to children of all ages based on their readiness to engage in social interactions. When a child is unable to regulate independently and continues to require support, or co-regulation, the main focus for this child is to support the interaction between the caregiver and child to foster regulation. Once the child is successfully able to regulate, social interactions and in clinic “play-dates” can be arranged on an individual basis to support both the caregiver and child.

For older children, we offer social groups that are organized by the therapist on an individual basis so that the child is matched according to their strengths and interests. Groups will run on a weekly basis and the ‘curriculum’ varies depending on the individual needs of the children in the group.