Motor planning is our ability to plan, organize, execute and make adjustments to our movements. Dyspraxia is a breakdown in our ability to plan motor movements resulting in challenges in the areas of play, feeding, speech, engaging in everyday tasks and activities. Motor planning is also a form of organization and when children show difficulties with motor planning, often we see difficulties in the areas of organizing thoughts and ideas to engage in a play schema, organizing their ideas compete a writing assignment, or to put their toys away and clean their room.
Successful motor planning requires a well-established body map and a good sense of body awareness. Children with SPD often have challenges in planning and organizing their bodies and as a result, are school tasks; including learning and the integration of concepts in math, reading and writing can be difficult. Anxiety and low self-esteem can also occur as the child does not feel successful to complete the task or even to start the task.

We support the child first by establishing an integrated map of their body so that they understand where their body is in space and in relation to other objects. Body awareness also improves and children begin to explore previously challenging tasks. Coaching is also provided to the caregivers to better understand their child’s abilities and ways in which they can support their child in other environments to meet their goals.