The Child

childEvery child interprets, processes, regulates and responds to incoming sensory information in a unique biologically based way. Some children seem to seek out certain sensory input such as running, jumping, and falling and have a difficult time realized where their body is in relation to other objects. As a result, children may have difficulty motor planning or moving their bodies the way they want. Therefore, participating in sports or activities that require coordination may be very challenging. Other children may have difficulty processing auditory or touch input and will show difficulties wearing certain types of clothing due to the ‘feel, or avoid loud, busy environments due to the intensity of the auditory input.

Our goal is to support the child to develop the capacities necessary to engage in their preferred activities and to coach the caregivers to first understand their child’s individual differences and then support their child’s progress.

We support children with the following diagnoses:

• Autism
• Sensory Processing Disorder
• Learning Disabilities
• Mental Health (Anxiety/OCD/ODD etc.)
• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
• Attention Deficit Disorder
• Developmental Coordination Disorder
• Learning Challenges
• Developmental Delay
• Other Neurological Disorders of Relating and Communicating

We support children who demonstrate challenges in the following areas:

• Engaging, relating and communicating
• Reciprocal Communication
• Sensory Integration and Processing
• Co-ordination difficulties
• Social Skills
• Behavioral Challenges
• Anxiety
• Fine and Gross Motor Skills
• Executive Function (organizing, planning, sequencing, critical thinking and problem solving)